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Do You Have a Plan?

06 04 2010

It’s time to take the bull by the horns, señores, and strategize with all the new content here at Spain Expat!

Moving: Are you wondering about the feasibility of a move to Spain? Check out our articles on the EU Blue Card and Social Security in Spain.

Staying: Or are you already in Spain and trying to figure out your options for staying legally? Our article on Arraigo may be just what you were looking for.

Playing: Perhaps you’re already thinking of the summer holidays. Take a look at Beaches in Spain, and prepare to soak up some sun and make the most of your time off.

But if you’re wondering what you’re going to read on that beach, the Books section has some suggestions to kickstart your imagination.
It’s time to plan for some adventure!

Confronting “La Crisis”

10 02 2009

This month Spain Expat would like to help everyone meet the crisis head on (and win) with a series of new articles and tips.

For example, are you wondering what the heck is going on with the economy? Jurdy is keeping us updated with financial news

Are you job hunting? How to Write a Great Spanish-Style CV or Resume can help you stand out from the pack when applying for one of the jobs in our Jobs section.

Or do you hate your Spanish job but don’t want to quit? Take a look at our article on Workers’ Rights in Spain then.

Do you need to take your language skills up a notch? Try our recommended reading: Spanish Slang, The Best Ways to Learn Spain’s Other Languages, and Certifying Your Language Skills.

Or are you looking for a new money-making venture? Then check out our book reviews on Starting a Business in Spain and Buying Distressed Property in Andalucía for some ideas.

Otherwise, this may be a good time to go back to school, and our new article on Student Visas might do the trick.

What do you think? How else can we confront the crisis?

~.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

Ready, Set… Read!

01 06 2008

Pull up a chair and kick back because this month Spain Expat introduces our own well-lit place for books on Spain and expat-related topics. Twice a month from now on we’ll be reviewing a variety of titles of particular interest to expats in Spain. And if you’ve already read a book we feature, feel free to add your own two cents in the comments box and let us know how you got on. 
To get things rolling, we’re featuring the book GenXpat by Margaret Malewski, a guide for the young expat on everything from relationships to professional jobs…

Did we mention jobs?
If you haven’t seen the recently-added Jobs section, go on and check it out. You may just find yourself a cool new job in Spain

And as you can see, we also have some brand-new reading material around the site on Spanish art and culture, the gestoría – that special Spanish institution, Jewish Spain, a humorous look at living in Spain, and that perennially sexy topic, Spanish business taxes.

But now it’s time to grab a book, head on down to a local open-air café, and order a cold glass of vermouth in the shade. I’ve got some reading to do!
~.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

How to use Spain Expat

17 04 2008

Spain Expat is the leading independent information site specifically for expats moving to Spain or already living here. Above you’ll find all of our information articles listed according to category/topic for your convenience, as follows:

The same categories are listed above, and throughout the rest of the site so you can explore the articles of that category by going to, for example, moving, which will take you to the moving to Spain section with descriptions and links to: Moving to Spain: To Do List, Importing Pets: How to Bring Your Pet to Spain, Cheap Flights to Spain: Avoiding Problems, Moving to Spain: The Move, and Importing Cars: Bringing Your Car to Spain.

To take advantage of our comments feature, please sign up under the “spainexpats” section on the left of each page. Once you’re signed up and signed in you may leave your comments regarding the information discussed on that page. If your comment is not relevant to that article’s information it will be rejected.   If you feel that you can provide a valuble note of information, please submit a comment! Hundreds of thousands of people will appreciate it every year!

If you have a question about any aspect of living in Spain feel free to venture to our Spain Expat Forums where, again, you’ll need to be registered and logged in to leave a question. We encourage free discussion, but please refrain from posting under the influence.

Thanks to cool new technology, we now offer expats a jobs in Spain section where you can find the latest jobs available through out the country. Recruiters and companies can post their jobs here, it’s almost free.

We’ll try to keep you informed about changes to the site as best as possible from the Site Notes (see top right) and our RSS feeds (see left under “syndicate”). Most of all, we hope you appreciate the information provided here, find the services advertised useful, and perhaps get a laugh from the latest Spanorama. Welcome to life in Spain!

Spain Expat Q&A: Is it time for work or time for play?

20 02 2008

To help you play hard and work smart, Spain Expat has introduced two new sections to the website – Business and Play – as well as a host of brand new articles.

For the active expat, we’ll get you dating and skiing in no time.

For the entrepreneur, you’re in luck. We’ve got a new series just for you on how to start your own business in Spain, choose your company, and even start a bar.

For the student, we’ve got the scoop on universities and university exchange programs in Spain.

For the businessperson, now is a great time to bone up on your Spanish etiquette or get more familiar with the Spanish economy.

For every expat who didn’t get what they wanted from the Three Kings this year, we’ve compiled some useful apartment hunting tips, the skinny on Spanish weather, and a list of things every expat in Spain should know.

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