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New Host, New Boast, o Algo Así

07 03 2006

Unfortunately we’ve been having some problems with our host lately. There was some time on the weekend where the site was down and emails seem to go missing. I’ve heard of others having similar problems with their emails ever since many of the ISPs doubled their provided bandwidth. Because of this however, we’re going to be transferring to new host during the next week during which time we probably won’t see many site updates.

There will never-the-less be a new Spanorama next Wednesday, just as there is today! Indeed, The Cheat has given us his latest, entitled I Like to Move It, an annecdotal guide to moving to Spain for do-it-yourselfers. Check it out now.

We’re happy to see more and more Spain Expats signing up everyday. This makes us happy. Most of you are already living in Spain so we’d like to see more of you who haven’t arrived yet… those of you thinking about it or still researching. Sign up today!

Have a great week post-hump-day and wish us luck with the new host!

~.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Monday Rolls Around Spain Expat

02 03 2006

Well we now have 62 members. That’s not bad, although you should all be signing up. Perhaps we’ll have to get a contest going… Will have to think about that.

The Cheat talks about expats and our personal space relative to the Spanish norm in the latest Spanorama, “Touch Me.” Don’t forget to catch up on the other Spanoramas while you’re there.

As well, we updated the Top 7 Great Things About Living in Spain, including some interesting research figures we dug up.

In the mean time, we’ll see a new Spanorama on Wednesday; have a great week you Spain Expats you.

Ps. To all of you checking this site out on work time, get back to work! Just kidding smile

Privacy and Spanorama

21 02 2006

It’s been exciting to see the number of Spain Expats grow quickly since we released the new version of the site. I should mention now that we’ll be providing a privacy policy regarding the information you submit and your email address for becoming a member of For the moment, know that we’ll never be selling your email address and, of course, your information can be as anonymous as you’d like it to be smile. Know that at some point, however, you may in fact want to include information about yourself that helps you to meet other expats… but it’s your choice.

We released the second Spanorama last week where The Cheat talks about dating and relationships in Spain, comparing a tourist’s luck with that of the expat living in Spain. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so now by clicking the tab at the top. Tomorrow will see the release of a new Spanorama.

Also note that if you have a business relevant to expats either moving to Spain or already living here, see the “Your Ad Here” link on each article page.

We’d like to have article commenting up as soon as possible, but in the mean time please send your comments, to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ciao for now.

The New

08 02 2006

Welcome to the new We’ve kept the same organization that expats appreciated so much from the last version of the site, and now we bring you even more information and ways of relating and accessing it. Perhaps most importantly, we encourage you to join as a SpainExpat (member) yourself to keep up to date with updates, news and our new weekly Spanorama column. Soon we’ll be opening up our pages to live commenting for members-only to post questions and feedback.

Speaking of Spanorama, check out the Spanorama site rom the tab at the top of each page where The Cheat will bring you his commentary on expat living from the “occidental” perspective.

Photo galleries, more in-depth articles, the editor’s news brief and more to come over the next several months, so join up now to stay on the ball and in the game.

We’d also love to hear from you regarding the new design to the site. Like it? Hate it? Just need to get out some pent up frustration? Let .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) have it.

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Site Notes

Site Notes

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