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Advertising on Spain Expat

16 09 2013

Spain Expat currently averages over 110,000 visitors looking at over 230,000 pageviews each month.

We strongly encourage you to use Google’s Adwords program for your promotional efforts. It is often the most fair and equitable way of bringing your ads to your target market. Your ad can reach Spain Expat’s visitors directly by clicking on the “Advertise on this site” links found on each Google ad box on the site or start here:


You can be sure that you’re reaching your target market by advertising with Spain Expat if your target market is between 20-70, moving to Spain for work or retirement, or already living in Spain for said reasons. Your target market is:

  • looking for an apartment, real estate or short-long term accommodations
  • researching moving/removal companies and services
  • looking for English-speaking service providers in all facets of establishing a life in Spain due to an inability to communicate effectively in Spanish or chooses not to utilize the existing Spanish service providers for other reasons.

Our visitor’s demographics of origin by IP are approximately:

  • UK: 29%
  • Spain: 23%
  • USA: 21%
  • Canada: 3%
  • Ireland: 2.5%
  • Germany: 2%
  • Australia: 2%
  • France: 1.5%
  • Netherlands: 1%
  • Other: 2%

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) about getting your business seen by one of the most targetted markets on the Internet. Despite the number of clicks and views your ad will get by such targetted traffic, after six months of redevelopment, we’re keeping our ad rates reasonable for the spring season. See our ad rates and options below.

Banner and TextLink Rates for SpainExpat.com


  • ~15,000 pageviews/month
  • 3 month contracts available

Our ad rates for the homepage of SpainExpat.com are as follows: 
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Homepage Banner options


Placement: top banner area, above the fold, premier page position
  • Banner advertising available only. 
  • 468x60
  • 450 €/month


Placement: left menu column, above the fold
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 120 €/month
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 150 €/month


Placement: right info column, below the fold
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 95 €/month
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 140 €/month

Article Pages:


Our ad rates for the article pages of SpainExpat.com on a per page basis are as follows: 
  • Average 800 pageviews/month, up to 1500 pageviews/month.
  • 3 month contracts available only  


Placement: top banner area, above the fold, premier page position
  • Banner advertising available only. 
  • 468x60
  • 35 €/month


Placement: left menu column, above the fold. 
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 20 €/month
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 35 €/month


Placement: right info column, below the fold.
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 15 €/month
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 30 €/month

Category Wide Ads:


Our ad rates for the category and article pages of SpainExpat.com on a per category basis are as follows:
  • Average ~10,000 pageviews/month, up to ~17,500 pageviews/month
  • 3 month contracts available only
  • Categories available:
    • Business
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • Lifestyle
    • Living
    • Moving
    • Play
    • Working
    • Technology
    • Top 7


Placement: top banner area, above the fold, premier page position
  • Banner advertising available only
  • 468x60
  • 40 €/month + 26 €/month/page in category


Placement: left menu column, above the fold. 
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 20 €/month + 18 €/month/page in category
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 30 €/month + 25 €/month/page in category


Placement: right info column, below the fold. 
  • Banner advertising (160x120): 15 €/month + 12 €/month/page in category
  • Text link (10 word maximum): 28 €/month + 24 €/month/page in category

*** Please note that all creative is to be supplied by the client and is subject to approval by SpainExpat.com. If banner creatives are required, we can supply the design and development for 100€ per static jpg/gif banner.

Multiple advertiser links may be subject to discounted rates.

Spain Expat accepts only PayPal and Bank Transfer as valid forms of payment. All PayPal invoices will have 4% added to total (it’s what PayPal charges).

If you would like assistance in finding the best ad solution for your business, send us an email with the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your target expat visitor’s demographic?
  2. What is your ad budget for Spain Expat?
  3. How many visitors/month are you expecting?

Send your solicitations to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Get your site seen, clicked and ranked today.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.


Change Is Good

07 02 2012

What is it that excites you? Comfortable can be nice, sure, but at some point you need to stop dreaming, take the leap and then grow from the experience. Have you been itching to move to a new city? Open a business? Learn a new language? Or something else entirely?

Tell me, what are you going to do this year? 

If you’re considering making the move to Spain though, you’re in luck, as here at Spain Expat we’ve been busy adding and updating articles to help you do just that.

The article on EU Residency in Spain for EU Citizens and Their Family Members makes it a snap.

Young Americans and Canadians, however, might be interested in the North American Cultural Ambassador program, and the young (and young at heart) of any nationality in how Spain’s Student Visas work.

Otherwise an EU Blue Card might be just the thing if you’re a highly skilled professional.

Everyone should be familiar with the different Banks in Spain though. 

Whatever you do this year, don’t be afraid to make plans, or to put them into action either. Shouldn’t this be the year you took the bull by the horns?

Send a student to journalism school

22 03 2011

Sam, my friend and writer for SpainExpat.com in Barcelona who used to live in Ghana, is trying to help her Ghanan friend get to Canada to study Journalism.

Dear friends & family,

As many of you already know, I’m in the process of organizing a fundraiser here in Barcelona to raise money for my Ghanaian friend Somed who was recently accepted to the four year Journalism program at Kings University (in Halifax, Nova Scotia). Those of you who are familiar with the program and the university will recognize this as quite an accomplishment; the program usually only takes about 40 applicants a year, worldwide.

When Somed got accepted to Kings, after his second application attempt, it was something which I felt I had to help him with as much as possible. This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime for him and will inevitably change his life as well as the lives of those around him in Tamale and in Ghana. It’s also something that he would never be able to fund on his own. Somed lives in a house where he shares a small room with 8 other people and right now earns the equivalent of less than $100 CDN a month, at his full time job at the radio station in Tamale. Without financial aid, at least for his first year, there is no possible way he’ll be able to attend Kings.

I met Somed when I was working for JHR (Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian NGO) in 2007 in Tamale, Northern Ghana. We were colleagues at the radio station and became close friends. During my time there I helped him apply to the Kings Journalism program but his first application attempt was rejected. When I left Ghana, Somed asked me to help pay for him to go to Journalism school in Ghana, so that he could further his education before re-applying to Kings. So for the next two years, my brother and I paid for him to do the two-year Journalism program in Accra (Ghana’s capital). Somed graduated from journalism school in Ghana and then re-applied to Kings and in May 2010, he was accepted into the program.

The University is doing us a favour by allowing Somed to defer his start date until September 2011, in which time I’ve been trying to raise enough money to pay for his first year of schooling (books, accommodation, meal plan tuition etc…) The idea is that if I can give him a good head start, he’ll be able to work part time in Canada with his student visa, thus being able to fund (or at least partially fund) the remaining 3 years of his program.

Our goal is to raise 10 000 euros through our fundraiser in Barcelona. It is a challenge, but not impossible and we are relying on international/online donations to help us meet this goal. I know that everyone’s busy, not to mention it seems we can’t walk down a block without being asked to donate to a new cause. Knowing this, I’m asking for your help with two things. If you have 5 minutes and can donate just 10 euros (CDN or USD also work) and can also pass this email on to just one other person (who you’re pretty sure has no affiliation with me and who doesn’t even know me), then I think we have a shot at raising enough money to help send him to school next year.

I know many of you have no connection with Somed, JHR or Kings University, but this is a person I believe so strongly in, that I wouldn’t feel right letting him pass up this incredible opportunity due to lack of financial means. I want to give this my best shot and am sincerely hoping that In September 2011, I’ll be able to greet Somed at the airport in Canada! I would greatly appreciate any financial assistance you can manage.

Thank you in advance for at least taking the time to read this email and if you can donate just 10 euros (obviously more is always welcome) and pass it on to at least one more person (again, more is always welcome) that would be a huge help to me and consequently to Somed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. The link to pay is below, if you don’t have an existing paypal account, it takes two seconds to set one up and there’s an option for how to do that when you click on the link.

Thanks so much, I really do appreciate this!

Have a wonderful day.
Besos from Barca.



Contact Spain Expat

29 04 2010

You may contact Spain Expat via the following:

Editorials, site comments/complaints, typos, corrections - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Link exchanges, please see Spain Expat link exchange guidelines before sending an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Advertising, marketing - please see Advertising on Spain Expat before sending an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Spain Expat & SpainExpat.com are wholly owned by Wonder Monkey Inc., a Canadian Corporation

Wonder Monkey Inc.
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Link Exchange Requests

07 04 2010

Spain Expat receives often multiple link exchange requests daily. We also pride ourselves on providing a quality, human-edited link directory for our visitors, often with a bit of a different twist. The current link pages include the following:

Before you submit your link request, consider which category your site falls into. If it doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, you may request the creation of a new category, along with your explanation/justification. We give preference to unique service providers, niche information providers and other non-commercial sites.

If your site is commercial, backed by a commerical venture, or the web presence for a service providing company, we invite you to see our Advertiser’s page where you’ll find excellent, economical rates covering a variety of creative options for your site’s presence on Spain Expat, including text link ads.

Please facilitate any link exchanges by placing a link to Spain Expat in your links section first. The following would be ideal:

<a href=“http://www.spainexpat.com/spain/forum/” title=“Spain Forum for expats in Spain” target=“top” >Spain Forum by SpainExpat.com</a> - Join the independent information network for expats in Spain.

Your link requests may be submitted to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank you for your consideration.

Spain Links - Directory of Sites About Spain - Spain Links Directory. Free link exchanges for any site with information or services related to Spain, including Real Estate, Expat related, Internet services, Apartment and Accommodations, Hotels, Rental Cars, Tour operators, etc.

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