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Filing Taxes as a US Expat in Spain

Tagged: residency, taxes, income tax, expat tax, dates, filing, exclusions, tax credits, us expat taxes, tax year, us tax, us expat, spain income tax

    Americans must file a US tax return, regardless of where they live.
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... Information about filing taxes for Americans in Spain, including filing Spanish taxes, filing US taxes, tax rates, special tax rates, income credits, residency determination and typical scenarios.
Spain Returns to the Peseta

Tagged: bank, currency, euro, collapse, peseta, foreign exchange, financial crisis

    But what might happen if the worst were to pass: the collapse of the Euro and a return to the peseta?
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... What would happen in a worst case scenario and Spain were to return to the Peseta? Is this even likely?
Banks in Spain: Foreigners, Spanish Bank Accounts

Tagged: finance, visa, bank, transaction, card, account, cuenta, fee, banking, debit, la caixa, online banking, caixa catalunya

    ... be aware that when you go to a local bank to open your account, the employee probably won't speak English, and won't have experience in this type of account..."
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... Banks and banking for expatriates living in Spain. Includes information about: accounts for foreigners, VISA cards, debit cards, transaction fees, online banking, cajas and foreign-owned banks.
Cost of Living in Spain

Tagged: living in spain, finance, cost of living, food, electricity, costs, rent, utilities, gas, cost of living in barcelona, basic necessities, cost of living in spain, costs in spain

    An average restaurant per person bill is 12€. A glass of beer or wine at a bar is 1.50€. A tapa is 2€."
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... Information on costs of living in Spain, including the basic necessities and a rough guide for estimating your costs.
Currency Exchange and Solutions for Expats

Tagged: finance, exchange, foreign, bank, transaction, transfer, money, currency, check, rate, solutions, credit card, spain currency, spain currency exchange

    Bank transfer: This is the best way if you need more money than an ATM machine can manage."
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... Information on exchanging currency from sterling and dollars to euros for expatriates living in Spain.
Taxes in Spain: Tax Rates and Special Expat Taxes

Tagged: nie, finance, dni, property, spain taxes, tax, tributaria, irs, agencia, advisor, income tax, expat tax, council tax, capital gains, wealth tax, taxes in spain, special tax, tax in spain, tax spain, tax rate, royal decree 687/2005

    Income taxes in Spain should be paid between May 1 and June 30 for the previous year’s income.”
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... Information on income taxes and income tax rates in Spain, paying tax in Spain, special taxes, VAT/IVA, double taxation, taxes on property and real estate, and US forms and publications for expatriates living in Spain.
Spain – So just how much are we talking about?

Tagged: apartment, finance, property in spain, property, costs, barb, buying, uk, costs of buying, property market, types of buyers, property in uk, live in spain, property prices

    In Spain, the average costs of buying, with a mortgage equal, are circa 10% of the purchase price.
  • Spain Expat's Finance in Spain section brings you... A great article from Mark Wilkens of the Rights Group regarding the actual costs of buying property in Spain 2007.
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Finance in Spain

Think of all the monetary concerns for someone moving to Spain. Does Spain have ATMs and what kinds of charges are there? How might I file my income taxes from abroad? Can I get a Spanish bank account? Are they on the peseta or the Euro? Just how much money am I going to have to make to live?

We've tried to gather the answers to those questions and more.

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