Make sure the company you use to move has an office in Spain
Posted: 28 May 2007 09:57 PM  
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I used a company called Allfreight, based in England, to move to Barcelona. All was fine until my 6 boxes arrived at our apartment, full of dents and holes….and one even had a big hole in the bottom! The company says theboxes left their hands in good condition when they handed them over to a Spanish company, so it was the other company’s fault. Because my boyfriend signed that the stuff arrived, Allfreight says we signed that everything was received in good condition, however there was no notice on the paper signed saying that was exactly what was being signed for. The company in Spain didnt have anyone who speaks English, which was fine since my boyfriend speaks fluent Spanish but we still got screwed!!! I tried to claim some damages and missing items on insurance which I paid for through Allfreight, but they said we signed that the stuff arrived so they were not liable!!!
Be warned…..

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