Citizenship through ?Ley de la Memoria.?
Posted: 10 September 2011 04:41 PM  
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Greetings to all. This is a great forum, thanks to everyone that contributes to it.
I, a US citizen born in Cuba, am trying to get Spanish citizenship through the ?Ley de la Memoria.? When my parents were born in Cuba my grandparents were still Spanish citizens thus making them Spanish as well. I have my birth certificate and my parents birth certificates legalized. I presented those documents to the Spanish Consulate and they told me that I needed to prove that my grandparents were still Spanish when my parents were born by requesting a letter of citizenship for my grandparents in Cuba. I?ve tried to get this through a document retrieval service and they tell me is next to impossible to do this and if the document existed sometimes it can take as much as two years and the Cuban civil registry simple says ?we can?t help you.? If I could prove this somehow my citizenship would be a done deal.

Has anyone gone through this? Any suggestions? Are there other documents that can be submitted as well? I?m running out of time.