Looking to Check out Spain (Mallorca)
Posted: 20 September 2011 03:03 PM  
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Hi All,

We are a couple coming towards early retirement (next Year 2012) and want to see what it would be like to live over in Mallorca, we are looking at coming over for a month to check out details of renting an apartment in September 2012, we want to rent for a six month period at first to see if we like and can adapt to life in Mallorca but reading info on this an other sites I need some further infomation prior to our visit,
I know I need a short term rental to start with what do I need to know about what certificates etc we need also what about community charges and commodity bills will they be included in the rent?

Thanks for any help you can give


Posted: 24 October 2011 04:09 PM  
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Hello Hodgy:

Do ensure you have a short-term tenancy agreement.  Generally speaking, you will be required to pay for utilities, i.e. electricity, gas (if any).  The condominium service charges (comunidad) are not usually levied on the tenant and the landlord will pay those.

Make sure you get an English version of the tenancy agreement (whether a shorthold tenancy or otherwise).  The document must state what expenses you would be liable for (i.e. the utilities), the termination of the tenancy, receipt for the deposit, and other safeguards.  Ensure that the landlord has the premises insured.

Best wishes

Posted: 01 November 2011 02:58 PM  
Just Landed
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Hi Hodgy001d,

What part of Mallorca do you plan to be staying in?



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