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Posted: 02 January 2012 02:05 PM  
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Less than three years ago, I fitted glass curtains to the balcony of my apartment in Calpe.  I had several companies quote, and chose Glass Curtains Costa Blanca S.L. with offices in Mijas and Catral because, their quote included i.v.a., they offered a very comprehensive 5 year warranty, they were au fait with Calpe Town Hall requirements, and they showed me around their factory in Catral.  They said that they were the market leaders, and indeed, their Managing Director, Mr. Neil Ingram was credited by RTN with inventing the concept.

This summer the curtains developed a fault, and I telephoned the number on my invoice.  The ‘phone was answered by Clear Glass Curtains who denied any knowledge of the company.  I therefore sent an email to the address on my invoice, and received a reply, again from Clear Glass Curtains, denying any liability.

I have done some googling and it would appear that Glass Curtains Costa Blanca SL has disappeared without trace.  However, the President of Clear Glass Curtains is Mark Ingram.  I have sent Mr. Ingram two emails asking him to clarify the position but have received no reply.

I suspect that the previous company went into liquidation, or there was a management buy out.  In any event, it would appear that my warranty is worthless.  Does anyone know how I stand under Spanish Law?

Posted: 03 February 2013 09:23 PM  
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Sorry for you situation Mr. Dance, unfortunately there are lots of people with problems with this product coming from companies Glass Curtains Costa Blanca and Clear Glass Curtains, and specially Mr. Ingram.

Please contact me (and any other person affected by a similar case) to try to solve your problem. I am also collecting cases and claims to sue these companies and Mr. Ingram.

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