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Posted: 14 March 2012 10:38 PM  
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Here’s an excerpt for this useful website:

Home improvements (reformas) aka renovations, refurbishment, but NOT reforms or even reformation!

I’ve recently moved (hacer mudanza) to a new flat (USA = apartment) (piso) and am busy fixing things up, so it occurred to me to write about some house vocabulary today.

First of all, you have your rooms (habitaciones en general): kitchen (cocina), living room (salón), dining room (comedor), laundry room (lavandería), bedrooms (dormitorios), study/office (estudio/oficina) and bathroom (cuarto de baño).  The biggest bedroom is usually referred to as a master bedroom, and if it has a bathroom then that is called the master bath.  Some lucky people will also have a library (biblioteca), a pantry (despensa) and a balcony or terrace (balcón, terraza).  In an apartment building (UK= block of flats) (torre/edificio de pisos) you may also have a storage room (trastero).  If you live in a house you may have an attic (ático) and a basement/cellar (sótano).  Houses also usually have a front yard (jardín de adelante) and/or a backyard (jardín de atrás).

Your rooms will be connected by hallways/corridors (pasillos).  The front hall or foyer (recibidor/entrada) is where people enter the home through the front door (puerta principal).

When you first arrive at your new place, you will need to set up contracts with the different utilities: electricity, water, gas, telephone, Internet, etc.  You may also want to inspect the electrical installations in your home.  Our new place has a number of outlets (enchufes) that don’t work.  There are also phone jacks (rosetas del teléfono), light fixtures (aparatos fijos de luz) and plumbing fixtures (de fontanería) to be wary of.  For example, the toilet seat we inherited (heredar) refused to remain upright and it also leaks into the cistern unless you jiggle (sacudir) the handle (manivela).

Homes come with different types of floors and most people have a preference.  I prefer wood or parquet (parqué) and that’s what we have.  There are also tile floors (de baldosas) and carpeted floors (con moqueta).  A rug (alfombra) can be used to quiet a room or to keep your bare feet (pies descalzos) warm in winter.  ...”