CELTA/TESOL classes to get a student visa?
Posted: 15 March 2012 10:52 PM  
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Hello all!

My fiance was accepted to business school in Barcelona to get his MBA. Now I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off to find legitimate ways for me to be able to stay with him for more than 3 months at a time (we are both American).

I am a nurse, and I have a love for languages. I currently work at a bilingual doctor’s office/community health center (Spanish), and have been using Spanish on the job for years.

I applied to jobs online that I thought I was qualified for, but got no response or was told no. I even applied to be a hostess at a hotel restaurant as I did that while in college, and I meet their language requirements, alas no.

So….I have applied to some master’s programs, hoping I will get accepted and can further my own education and get a student visa at the same time. I also applied to the auxiliares de conversación program. I won’t find out about any of these until April.

Does anybody know if there are CELTA type courses that last for more than 6 months in Barcelona? Those may qualify for a student visa also. I really do enjoy language and want to teach anyway, so this would be a great fit for me if I would be eligible to receive a visa for it (and if it’s greater than six months, I can at least stay for a year from what I understand, giving me time to search out other options for staying longer).

Thanks all, looking forward to anythoughts!