Wanted! Property for couple for 3 months
Posted: 27 June 2012 10:33 PM  
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Hi all!

Kate and Tim here.

We are a couple in our late twenties looking for a property - apartment, villa, townhouse we don’t mind. From mid July for a 3 month rental.

We also don’t really mind where it is along as it is near the coast and near a bit of life and preferably a communal pool.

We know its obviously peak time and most people are looking for people for a longer stay but are looking for somewhere fairly cheap and we really need a good internet connection.

Anyone that has a property to rent or knows of any we’d really appreciate pointing in the right direction.

Thanks! smile

Posted: 03 July 2012 10:40 AM  
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Posted: 05 July 2012 11:35 AM  
Just Landed
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what is a state agent?