Income requirement for retirement Visa
Posted: 14 August 2012 03:51 PM  
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Does anyone know if there are income requirements for the retirement visa in spain? Does it have a dollar/euro minimum (I am from the US) it just for the wealthy retired person?

Posted: 15 August 2012 02:11 AM  
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As a matter of fact, there is a minimum income for retirement visas. However, I don’t actually recall that minimum. You can call a consulate to ask for the number. It’s fairly substantial requirement for the first individual, and additional family members are much less. It shouldn’t be anything to be concerned about if you’re retiring from a EU country or other first or second world nation. You can also meet the requirement by using accumulated savings rather than annual income, if that helps.

Posted: 16 August 2012 07:38 AM  
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As I am sure many are aware, the residency requirements for EU Expats wishing to live here has also changed…
You now have to provide proof of income to support yourself (Eu5,000 for person alone, plus Eu8,000+ for each extra dependent.)
ALSO - You have to show you have a full private health care plan (if you are not automatically entitled to Spanish system - i.e if UK pensioner.) 

The above only came into force in July….

NB (If you are LEGALLY working/contributing into Social Security here, then all the above it automatically covered.)

Posted: 07 April 2018 10:45 AM  
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