What period does IBI cover
Posted: 15 August 2012 12:28 AM  
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Hi All,

We have the IBI which needs to be paid by the 20th of Aug.

Stupid question but what period does the IBI actually cover? is it 1st Jan to 31st Dec? The reason that I ask is that it is marked Periodo/Año Deveno: JULIO. Could this mean 1st Aug to 31 July?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Posted: 16 August 2012 07:51 AM  
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Hi John.. Don’t quote me (as I am a first time IBI payer too), but I think it is for 12 months - i.e Jan - Dec.
However, due to the financial crisis, our local town hall is asking for 2 payments in a year, so this could be a possibility that you have one bill for Jan - July and will be asked to pay the second half for Aug - Dec.
(A friend had a shock when her direct debit was taken early - as she was not expecting to pay until the October deadline for this year.)

Ask at the Town Hall/Reducacion (payment office) where it was issued.

Sorry cannot be of more help.

Posted: 18 November 2012 07:21 PM  
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IBI, the Spanish real estate tax, is a bit complicated to understand. Since Spain is divided into 17 comunidades autonomas and this is a local tax applied by each Ayuntamiento (city hall), each town has a different collection period.

@ Johnroberts
JULIO (July) is probably the month when has to be paid in your town so your IBI tax covers 12 months from July. In Alicante capital we pay it in May and so on.

Here you can find some explanation about IBI: