ANOTHER question on moving to Spain
Posted: 16 August 2012 12:06 PM  
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Hi all.

I am a New Zealand citizen and my wife is French. We have been married for around 1 year. We got married in NZ. We are currently living in Australia but we are thinking of moving to Spain. I know the situation is terrible there at the moment, still we might give it a go.
I am looking for advice on what we should do. Can I apply for anything from here in Australia or do I need to be Spain to get the ball rolling? I guess I need the Tarjeta residencia familiar de la union, but I am not sure about certain things.
Does my wife need to have a job when we apply for the card? I also read we may now be required to show that we have financial means to support our stay. How much would we need to show? Is it just an amount in the bank or do we need to prove steady income? Should we register our marriage with the french or spanish embassy here in sydney before we go? I also read that it can take 6 months to get the card. Does that mean that I cannot work for all that time??  would it be easier to go to France first? We are more interested in Spain because we are both fluent in Spanish, but maybe if it’s easier if we go to France first….......I don’t know…..

any advice would be welcomed
thank you all