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Signs of the times
Posted: 26 November 2012 08:41 PM  
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Townhalls/govt depts enforcing legislation that was ‘Lase Faire’ before…

EG - The current calling in of people in our local area (Alhaurin el Grande) - to decide whether they should be told to move out of their homes - as they are enforcing the ‘Vivienda’ v’s ‘Casa de Campo’ rule.  (Until now no one has bothered if it is the latter and a family lives there as their main home!) 

I can see fines coming along on the back of this….

EG2 - Most of my neighbours are elderly/Spanish and their younger families now live in the original family campo home. Most have a small piece of land with it.
Up till now no one minded if you grew a bit more than you needed for your family, but now people locally are being fined a heft Eu10,000 if they cannot prove it is for personal use!  (One family tried to contest a fine, but even though the extended family of 20 could show that there was not more than this being grown - the fine has stuck.)

Everyone is afraid to do anything now for fear of being fined!

I put this all down to the dire economic crisis.

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