How long does it take?
Posted: 25 October 2012 01:04 PM  
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I am a EU citizen (Holland) and my husband is Canadian. We also have a daughter who has dual citizenship in bot Canada and Holland. We all went to the extranjeros office in Granada where me and my daughter immediately received residential status the same day. We had to hire a lawyer and come back for my husband. We did have all the requiered documents and the application seemed to be accepted. After a month or 2 he also received a temporary NIE. This all took place in November 2011. Now we are almost a year later and have not heard anything from extranjeros. The lawyer told us it could take a long time and we would receive a letter in the mail to come and pick up his NIE (green form). Does anyone know how long the process takes and do we actually get notified by mail when the process is finished.