Warning re sterling car park Malaga
Posted: 20 November 2012 05:11 PM  
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See a very sad tale here:

Just been talking to a friend:- she left her BMW X3 at “Sterling Car Park”, M├ílaga Airport. for a week while she was on a trip.
As she was boarding the plane for the return trip, she recieved a message to say that the car had a little “bump” and would she authorize them to take it to garage, she said no, she’d take it herself as she needed the car.
What she found on her return was a total write off, the car had been driven at high speed through the city, jumped a junction and hit another car, also a write off.
All this is going through HER insurance, as it would appear the company don’t have any, and apparently the staff are using the clients cars whilst they are away. It’s all going to court, one of the suspects has disappeared, he is English. :S
Just a caution for anyone who may use this company.
https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=animals in need of new home&init=quick&tas=0.46520279480246645#!/groups/192438050818453/

It would appear they have no insurance of their own, and will tell you to claim on your own insurance if THEY damage (or even right off!) your car.

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A sad story indeed.

Just as an aside whats the connection between the story and the facebook link?



Help desperately needed


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Hi FB et al..
The link is where the report was originally posted (sorry if it does not work!)
Just in case anyone wanted to see the comments/feedback that came back from others…

(Too long to post all here!)

Bad business!!!

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