Tips for finding good contractors
Posted: 02 December 2012 03:36 AM  
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I’m considering buying a place in Madrid or Barcelona, probably a 2-3 bedroom apartment in the center that needs major reforms. I have some notion of what I’m in for (ahem, I SHOULD right???) but wanted to see if I can start gathering good tips for one going down the same road for the future.

Since I’m looking at fixer-uppers, we’ll need good contractors. I can only assume there are lots on the market right now with the construction industry being in the dumps, but I need reliable, quality contractors. How does one find them? Do you know of any in either of those places or even more generally outside of Madrid or BCN that might be interested in spending a month or so working on a project in the city? Prefer expats, but Spanish contractors are fine too.

Anyone have horror stories or insights they want to share about reforming their piso/casa?


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