Property Reforms in Granada Cont’d
Posted: 02 December 2012 06:29 AM  
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....To continue the story from my last post with some recommendations:

If you are new to Spain and looking for workmen to carry out renovations, you may want to think again about the fancy websites, they tell you nothing about the people in question - only that they can speak English and promote themselves.  They speak a language you can easily understand - It seems easier, but it could turn out to be far more difficult than you ever thought.
Although you’ll need a reasonable level of Spanish (and Andalucian Spanish at that) or someone willing to translate, you might want to search out the local builders.

For the rest of the work on my house I have used local builders who were recommended by my new neighbours and friends here. These people don’t have websites, they don’t need them. They work from personal recommendations and they’re always busy. If they make a mistake, they put things right with no fuss at all - they know it’s their job! They depend on their reputation NOT advertisements and a self- promoting website.

Don’t be in a hurry, it’s easy to get carried away with your new house and be too eager to get started on your dream home as I was - be patient. Wait a while and ask around, speak to neighbours and other people you meet over time and get personal recommendations. Go and see (in person if you can) the standard of work that has been done. Just ask yourself - If you saw my terrace, would you use these people?

Also, make sure the work on your property will be done by those whose work you have already seen. The work you see may have been subcontracted while the company take credit for it and those are the photos they may show you. - Exactly who are these ‘teams of skilled tradesmen’?

Be at the property to supervise what is happening. See that they are doing what you want and what they said they would do - when it’s done it’s often too late. It is easy for some people to manipulate and twist to their own advantage what has been written and said - this is often where their skills really lie.

Don’t part with your money easily! I haven’t paid any deposit to any Spanish workman, builder, or carpenter as yet. In my experience, they do their work and when they’ve finished and you’re happy, you pay the bill. If it’s a bigger job with costly materials, you pay for materials or some deposit would be required, but certainly not 60%. And ALWAYS see and inspect IN PERSON any work before you pay up.

The photos that you see is what was done and what I paid Granada Property Reforms for - that is their standard of work and unfortunately it’s what I am still left with.