Legal Info Wanted on Mobile Homes in an Urban Area
Posted: 22 December 2012 04:08 AM  
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This post actually relates to a Porta Cabin. Which has suddenly appeared in our street (we are in the center of a town), and the owners are intending to use it as a permanent dwelling?!

Here is an outline of the situation:

There was previously a ‘vivienda’/casa on the plot. Which fell into such a state of disrepair that it was no longer habitable, and in fact was declared so by the health department. Some time later the town hall demolished the building as the owners would not do anything.

Fast forward several years (7+). (The plot lay bare and was used for parking by local residents in the meantime.)
The plot owners have obtained permission (and built in under a week) a ‘Valla’ (which in my dictionary means a fence - but in fact they have built a very substantial brick wall of 15 metres long and 2.5 meters high.)

A crane then arrived yesterday and deposited behind the wall a 10 M x 3 M porta cabin (type with windows).

The foreman on site (and owner too) have been telling the neighbours from the start that they were installing a ‘casa’ (movile)...
This does not surprize us in the least, as we have now heard that the 2 troublesome members of the family (who are drug users and selllers) are going to be moving into the porta cabin. 

The family do not appear to be hiding anything and are quite brazen about it all.

There is currently no water or electricity on the plot but we are worried this will be connected very soon. (We know there were supplies before.)
We have no idea what they intend to do about sanitation.

Does anyone have any links to legal information regarding planning issues, the legality of living in a porta cabin, etc, etc.

Anything that would help us would be welcome.

It is one thing to have a ‘nave’ where they store building materials and things (although one would assume there have to be licences in place for this), but to have the street turned into a Flavella is another matter entirely. Not to mention the issues of personal safety. (These particular 2 individuals are also known to be violent, especially when ‘high’. They have even been back to the street and caused criminal damage to some of the cars even though they currently live elsewhere in the village!)

Thanks in advance for any legal advice smile

NB We have been to the Town Hall planning department, but even though the inspector did a site visit, (just prior to the arrival of the said porta cabin,) we have not heard any more.