Where to live in Spain? Work not an issue, Family is..
Posted: 02 January 2013 01:27 PM  
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Hi folks, I realize this is vague but we are at the early stages of upping sticks from the UK and moving to Spain.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t need to work in Spain, my income is made online and safe, so finding work etc isn’t an issue.

I’m going to lay out my criteria and situation below and hopefully this will give some structure to my families requirements and anybody who feels they can help out , especially based on experience, that would be great.

We intend to rent initially, for around a year, I would need a 3 bedroom + office or 4 bed home.

I would like to be either sea view or within 5-10 minutes walk of a nice safe beach.

I would ideally like to spend no more than 1,500 euros a month on rent and rates, electricity if possible. I would like a small garden as I have two young children and a dog and if we could squeeze a teeny pool into that rent, that would be great but it’s not mission critical, just after feedback as to whether that is possible.

I have to a solid, reliable , fast internet connection, at least 10 MB or so. That isn’t an optional requirement.

I have two children, 1 is 5 years old, while I like the idea of mixing into state schools, I’m not sure immediate dunking into all spanish speaking is viable , to much of an upset so I guess private is the only solution and the schooling is important.

As a 40 something, with a family, the club scene is pretty far behind us, while we do occasionally go and shake our stuff once or twice a year, it’s far from our list of important elements to be near a lot of nightlife of that kind.

We do want to be within 10 minute walk or so of a more quiet scene, late night resturants, good food, civilized drinks in the evening sun etc..

I want to be near a safe beach I can take the girls swimming etc.

Our reason for moving are that.. I guess we can.

We’re all a little bored seeing the same grey skies every morning and while we can , we want to go out and try a new scene for at least a few years.

I can speak a little Spanish and existed in Northern Africa for a year on it, I’m sure it will come back and we will both be attending Spanish speaking lessons prior to leaving and once we get there to help us find local friends.

My biggest concern is my wife, she has many friends here and is concerned about meeting friends in Spain, I can totally understand that, I’m not really worried about that end but she enjoys her flits into two with her friends for coffee and goes horse riding and dozens of kids clubs etc , I want her to be really happy so we don’t move and then have a fractious time with her feeling she is isolated.

We have looked at Barcelona as it seems to have a lot on offer, and various areas around it seem interesting and worth checking out but we are totally open to suggestions from people with experience who might be able to help us out.

Thanks in advance.

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If your destination is Barcelona and a house with garden is a must, then I would recommend Castelldefels or Sitges towns.
They both have English schools, Sitges is a charming town, very lively in weekends and holidays and a summer spot. Castelldefels is closer to Barcelona city. Both at the sea side. In both towns it is possible to find houses around 1000 euros/month.

If you would like something more central in Barcelona city, then, either get an apartment with terrace or “patio” in Vila Olimpica or Poblenou barrios. These areas are next to the beaches in Barcelona.

Another option for your children is to home-school, for example with an au-pair or to take them to state schools. In Catalunya, there is Catalan immersion system and schools in Barcelona and surroundings have foreign children all the time. Then they both learn Catalan and Spanish (children are great in learning languages). Then you can also live in towns like Badalona, Masnou, MatarĂ³.... and further north to beautiful Costa Brava.

Internet connection it is quite good in Barcelona Area. The max. speed can be checked with the address of your new place (right after you visited your future place)



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Laura, thanks , very helpful.

We’re planning a two destination trip this year with Alicante and Barcelona being our two bases, defiantly checking out Sitges, only hear great things.

Thanks again.

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I would also say Sitges is a great location, but also the small villages around it are nice.

You could also consider staying somewhere along the Costa Brava, there are tonnes of lovely villas.