Inquiry about a Spaniard woman marrying a Syrian Arab man…
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  I am a 27 years old male Syrian citizen living currently in Turkey. I am planning to get married to a Spaniard lady living in Spain. We are planning to get married here in Turkey and then move to Spain.

  I would like to know :

1-  The procedures and required papers for the process.

2-  Whether or not I can join my future spouse in Spain as soon the marriage takes place in Turkey.

3-  Is there a specific amount of time the Spaniard spouse has to stay with me here in Turkey before the marriage is valid?

Your help is appreciated and Happy New Year smile

Best wishes.

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You will have to acquire your papers from syrian government in case you are not a turkish citizen. Go to nearest syrian consulate or embassy and ask them. The marriage office in turkey will probably ask you to get papers from your consulate, and have it translated by approved official translators and then get them signed by turkish governorship in that district. Because you are both foreigners both of you will need to do these.

Birth certificate and paper confirming that you dont have any impediment to wedding will be required.

Then after marriage is done in turkey, you will have to go to spanish embassy to get the marriage recorded into civil registry. Its in istanbul. You may need to do this also for syrian government on your side. But since you will go to spain that may not be necessary. Better to do it, however.

After that is done, which will take some time, you have to go back and get rendezvous for applying for spouse unification visa. you will go there with the papers they will ask of you and then apply for marriage visa. it will take some time to come out. 2-3 weeks to 4 weeks.

after that you can go to spain with your wife.

Your wife should call spanish embassy and talk with them. anything they require may change at any time, including the info above.