Starting a Pilates business in Moraira
Posted: 24 January 2013 12:31 AM  
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Hi, my partner and I are relocating to Spain this year and I wanted to set up my own Pilates studio from home.

I’m fully qualified and experienced over here but am trying to find out who the fitness instructors use for Public Indemnity Insurance (like Fitpro in the uk) and whether our British qualifications are valid over there.

Posted: 02 February 2016 12:43 AM  
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Hi, I work as a risk manager in Germany and have experience with insurance. While I don’t have experience in the Spanish market, I should be able to offer a couple of tips. Firstly, yes, if you’re planning on offering pilates sessions in a studio, you’ll most likely be required to purchase some level of public liability insurance, hopefully including some level of professional indemnity coverage. That way, if anyone blames you for hurting them, either physically or through advice, you’ll be protected. Secondly, it’s unlikely that your UK insurances will operate effectively there, so you’ll probably need to purchase coverage locally in Spain. To get the right advice, I’d recommend speaking to an insurance broker. Whether or not your qualifications are valid in Spain, shouldn’t affect your ability to source a policy, but once again, best to seek local advice. I hear that online pilates courses are all the rage, maybe you should consider that too? Good luck!


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