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residence for the purpose of interail
Posted: 28 January 2013 07:25 PM  
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Hello friendly expat community,

I moved to Spain October 15th of 2012 on a student visa. After many lovely experiences with el estado espaƱol, now I have a NIE and a social security number.

I want to do some travel and am looking at interail passes, which are only for EU residents. I mean, I work and go to school here, and it’s all legal, so am I a resident for the purposes of buying a train pass?

Thanks for your replies! You are great.

Posted: 29 January 2013 06:00 PM  
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To be honest I don’t know but I was intrigued to find out. Your post raises quite a few points -

EU citizens are people born within the EU and holding a passport from an EU country. Non Spanish people who hold a residencia in Spain are legal ‘residents’ but all this might be academic as I found this page on RENFE and it is for non residents!


Anyway probably best to enquire at a main RENFE station, let us know what happens. I am sure some might be interested in cheap train travel.