Many Brits in Aspe
Posted: 06 February 2013 06:06 PM  
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My husband and I are retiring to Spain this year.
We have spent many hours on the internet trying to choose where to go.
We love the look of Aspe and everything about it seems to be right for us.
Although we do not want to live in a purely Expat area, we would like a mix of nationalities.
Can anyone tell us anything about living in Aspe.
Many thanks.

Posted: 06 February 2013 09:39 PM  
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Pam Hi…
Aspe is way out of my area (Granada) so I’ve been routing around the net a little. Unfortunately the first 20 pages of Google throw up little of practical use but these two links may be of some help.

Maybe a member from the area could drop by with more practical information…

Good Luck



Help desperately needed

Posted: 07 February 2013 11:21 AM  
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All sorts of stats on the INE - I have seen breakdowns of foreigners by town in the papers which probably came from the INE site