Is it better to be in country to apply for residency?
Posted: 09 February 2013 08:22 PM  
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I’m a US citizen, my wife has both her US and UK passport (UK born citizen).  I was stationed in Spain with the US NAvy a couple of times and we’re moving to Spain in the very near future.

A couple of initial questions as I keep trying to wrap my head around residency application requirements.

1.  Coming in as a tourist on our passports, is it possible to begin our residency application while there?  I’m assuming yes, since most of the documents we’ll need from our own countries will be a case of requesting them by phone/internet and having them properly authorized and mailed to us regardless of where we are.

2.  It also looks like we can both fill out our residency applications at the same time, or does my wife as an EU passport holder need to submit her application 1st and then I follow-up with mine once hers is in the works?

Although we don’t want to, we can always bounce back/forth between the UK and Spain every 3 months, but would prefer to just stick it out in Spain to begin and end the residency application process until we can both remain there permanently and legally.

Thanks much….hope this makes sense, I’m trying to make sense of it and the forums help!!