Moving to Spain in 2013 and in need of some advice
Posted: 13 February 2013 09:38 PM  
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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to move to northern Spain later on this year to teach English (am now nearing the end of my TEFL qualification) and have some questions for anyone out there who may be able and happy to offer any advice smile

I’m not sure if there are any expats on here who are currently teaching in Spain or have taught in the past, but, albeit I am very enthusiastic about the idea and am definitely set on doing it, I am really concerned about the summer period as I am aware that everything shuts down and teachers are basically unemployed during these months.  I am 32 years old, single, and I have 2 cats whom I am hoping to take with me.  I’m certainly past my party days and am set for working hard, living on a budget and I plan to lead a reasonably quiet life, won’t be out partying every night or anything. 

I’m interested to learn, therefore, how people get by in Spain during the summer and what options there are for work during that time? I’m aware that many teachers return home to work in summer camps but this won’t be an option for me if I have animals.  Furthermore in a way it seems silly to return home for the summer as surely it will be the most fun period in a foreign country.  I’m not viewing this as a chance to travel I’m viewing it as a long term move so wouldn’t want to have to switch countries every summer.  I’ve discovered there is an option to do a PGCE in Spain and so once I’m established within the TEFL world I would like to get this qualification with a view to eventually teaching in an international school in Spain, not sure if this would solve the no pay in the summer issue?

Finally I’m interested to hear from anyone who has taken their pets to Spain or has pets in Spain, and would like to know how they have responded to the change, whether Spain is a good environment for them, safe etc, how easy (or not) it is to rent properties with them and how good veterinary care is, and how it compares to the UK in terms of quality and price.
If anyone is willing to share some advice on any of the above I would be most grateful! smile

Thank you!


Posted: 14 February 2013 03:11 AM  
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I’ve heard lots of teachers find the summer months pretty lean no matter where they are. Summer camps are an option, but they don’t typically pay well, and Im not sure how that would work with your pets. You might want to consider a city large enough to have a solid pool of private students and hope you can keep them all year.
Good luck.

Posted: 04 March 2013 02:46 AM  
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I agree with the response above. I taught for a while in Barcelona and summer camps and private students are what got me through it!