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I’ve just bought a place in La Duquesa. I have a lovely TV set but can only get Spanish channels and would like to watch something I can understand. My community rules say ‘no satellite dishes’ (although there seems to be some on the roof of the develeopment!). I still work in the UK so I am not in Spain long term (yet!) so I am not keen on paying a large monthly subscription if I can avoid it. So if someone can give me some ideas/recommendations I’d appreciate it.

Many thanks


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A lot of the programmes on Spanish TDT (Spain’s equivalent to UK’s Freeview) can be viewed in their original language by using the language option on the TV or TDT remote controller. Since a lot of the programming originates in either the USA or UK this means English is normally available as an option.
Alternatively why not use your TV as an alternate display for your computer using either an HDMI cable or a VGA cable. has most of the UK’s free to Air channels on it and many many more. Its ad-free (other than the ads that go with the commercial stations ITV, Ch 4, Ch.5 etc.) Its also subscription free. Simply select UK TV programmes from the drop down menu… You will not be able to watch any of the Sky TV programmes but maybe that’s a good thing!



Help desperately needed

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community rules say ‘no satellite dishes but there few on the roof , there share system piped two you Apt ... ask and sould tell what there tuned in two

here list what used in spain

hispasat 30w canal+ and TDT channels

Astra 19.2°E mixed uesd , again spanish canal + tdt and there few english channels on it (main lot Pay tv channels )

astra 28.2e UK tv SKYTV bbc/itv/ch4 and so on ( again lot pay tv channels ) BINGO if had dish for that

hotbird 13e mix used of free channels ..... so pay tv google there list tv channel , sorry i here all night if had list them all

If there lot UK head in your community , many want get 28.2 east dish / but ask with outher english talk people .... there many be a dish on that satellite ....

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