can it really be true that my wife can not hire me ?
Posted: 21 February 2013 02:30 PM  
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I am a early retired due to sickness and would like to start to ease back into working. I suffer from PSTD
and are ready to do some work.  5-10 hours a week.
My wife is a Jazz singer and we would like to get a company going in her name and then she could hire me
for small sound and producer jobs when I am feeling good.
I checked with accountants and have been told that in spain man and wife can not hire each other :O(
I get my pension from Denmark and are allowed to make 14000 euro on top of that, however if start to register myself as a
company I might get trouble with my pension. Since the company is not in Denmark they find it hard to control so they will
tell me that if I can have a company then I should be able to support myself.
I have tried to get my sickness registered in spain, that way I can get under special need disabled employee contract etc.. But they say that I would have to get all my journals etc translated and then apply th e sickness in spain, but there is no guaranty that I will be accepted in spain as disabled. SO do not want to use 1000 s of euros to translate
the long journal to spanish if I am not guaranteed.
So I am stuck, I want to get back slowly to the workforce and I want to be legal, the best way would be for my wife to hire me.

Does anyone know any legal way around this ?

I am a honest guy that wants to do the right thing

Thanks much appreciated :O)