THEY DON’T PAY ME. And I live in a socialist country. Anything I can do about that?
Posted: 07 March 2013 03:48 AM  
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Hi all,

I work legally in Spain, teaching English, but at two different escuelas de idiomas. One of them is fabulous and the other one is ... lacking.

They pay me late every month, but up until now it’s just been one or two days. This month they’re proposing to pay twelve (12!) days late.

I have a contract with them. Legally binding, right? Is there some bureaucratic entity in this country that will make them stick to it? Specifically, I live in BCN, the language school is in L’Hospitalet, and they owe me about 300 euros in pay.

I guess the other question would be: if said bureaucratic entity did exist, would it be worth it to tramitar? Or should I just wait out the half month until I get paid?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had a very similar problem with late payment and I decided to leave these people and started working distantly with and I still am an academic writer here.