Bad experience with Spain Internship
Posted: 04 April 2013 06:44 PM  
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I would like to share this experience with the others and make aware of the problem all the people who are looking for an internship in Spain.

I had a really bad experience with an agency called Spain-Internship. I paid nearly 500 euros for the service. The agency was supposed to find me a marketing internship for 4 months in Barcelona. When I came to Barcelona it turned out that the website on which I was supposed to work is closed, and the only task for me to do are translations.

After one month, after work n the evening, I received an EMAIL from the agency that my internship has ben CANCELLED and I am not allowed to go to work the next day. The reason was supposed to be “the disagreement about the salary” (a few days earlier i asked my boss why I am paid less than the other interns). The agency refused to send me more explanations or answer to my emails or calls. They also did not give me back the money that i paid for the service. I did not receive or sign any kind of document with would confirm the end of the internship but I was not allowed to enter the office.

There were no legal basis to break the contract after one month so I will have to go to the court in order to get all the money back, including the grant from the university, which has to be returned if the internship is not finished. I tried to contact my boss, who signed the contract, but he wrote me an email that it was NOT HIS DECISION to fire me and I have to contact the agency (which also does not respond)

I would be grateful if you could share my experience with the others to make other students aware of this.

Thank you

Posted: 18 April 2013 02:32 PM  
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Dear AnaZa,

This is the second time in many years that one of our students gets his internship cancelled and obviously is not due to an excellent behaviour.

We have been informing you already by email as well as talking with your mother by phone that we did not cancel your internship, we just informed you that it had been cancel due to your attitude towards the work once that you noticed that some of your colleagues where getting a higher remuneration, which is something demanded by their universities.

We do understand how big problem a cancellation of an internship is for you and your family and we are really sorry about it but in we are not liable that you decided to create a huge problem in your company and therefore you were fired.

Besides this, I want to inform you that we offered your mother to change your company in order to continue your placement in other place, but we never got an answer from that proposal.

Concerning the tasks, it is true that you were translating a lot in the first month, as you were making the product descriptions and files for a new market, the polish, but preparing product information for a new market was just part of your project, we can guarantee that students are learning a lot about marketing online and customer relationship management in the company.

We really care about our students, having more than 300 students in Spain during the year, but with this kind of situations the only thing that we can do is inform you of the consequences of the actions made.

If some one has doubts about our service, how we care about our students or any kind of questions, do not hesitate to contact us to our marketing department sending us a message in our contact form, we can link you with many satisfied students that will be happy to tell about how we helped them.

Is also something to mention that many of our programs are free, and students are getting quite good remuneration, in this case Paola bought a mediation service, but we have around 10-12 programs all over Spain without any cost.

We wish you the best in the future and if you are still looking for changing your placement, even though we think this is not the best channel to do it, we are still willing to help you.

With kind regards,

José Antonio Jiménez
Marketing director

Posted: 18 April 2013 07:18 PM  
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I am sorry to say that I still did not receive the money back, I was also not offered any other placement from the company and no proper explanation of such behaviour of the agency was presented to me.

Fortunately the University of Warsaw has been informed about the problem and after analizing the case and contacting the agency they decided to put off the agency’s offers of the University’s website and the case was introduced to the coordinators of the Exchange Office. I was informed that the University is going to put the company on the “black list” as it turned out to be not reliable and untrustworthy. 
If you have any hesitations you can contact the Exchange Office of the University of Warsaw in order to ask about the case of the agency.

Posted: 21 September 2014 12:50 PM  
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Geez,do i rly have to explain this?-.-’‘

1. You pay the agency to fiind you a job
2. The only think you sign for at the agency is for the fact they have to fiind you a job,or return you the money ( most of them returns only like 20% ) depends what you sign for
3. When you arive to the company, you will have an interview with the employer,if you fit the position,they will hire you.
4. The legal contract you sign with the company that hires you,is the only legal document that can fire you also,reasons are alot,if they wan,they can do it easly.
5. ( read it well ) The agency that fiind you the job got no autority to fire you from your current job,they got no autority when it comes to your current work place.

- Lets put the pieces together : you payed 500E,and you worked only 1 month,from your 1month sallary windraw these 500E,and do the math…it will result that you work almost for nothing.
Explanation?: the company you worked for was their ‘‘black market company’’ or they made some nice deals to exploit the poor people.