Posted: 25 January 2014 12:11 AM  
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Hi all. We are moving to Spain, Costa Calida later in the year. ( me, husband and 2 young kids). One of the reasons we are moving is for our health, ie to get away from British winters! I was just interested to know if and how anyone who has moved to Spain from the UK has noticed improvements in their health generally and if there are less bugs going round out there? (You know what its like here in UK at this time of year!)

Posted: 06 February 2014 03:32 PM  
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I think it stands to reason that a healthier outdoor lifestyle with better exercise and diet should lead to a better healthier life in Spain assuming any alcohol, food and drug excesses are avoided. But it is unrealistic to say there are no bugs - lately maybe because of wide temperature fluctuations there has been a lot of illness around.

So moving to Spain does not necessarily guarantee instant health and long life but I do not believe it does help especially with mental attitude, warm sun and blue skies are a marvellous tonic.



Posted: 15 February 2014 10:17 PM  
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The kids will still pick up stuff at school. My boy is pretty sturdy but get colds and things just about the same as back home. I’ve had laryngitus 5 times over here but never ever in the UK.