need more info about arraigo social
Posted: 03 February 2014 03:04 PM  
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Hi All,

I would like to know more about arraigo social, I hope someone can help me

I am interested to take my master degree in Barcelona, but I would like to know the advantage beside nice city, rich culture, good education system & competitive price.

In this case I would like to know what happen with me when I graduated and would like to find a job as experience before I go back to my home country.

From what I know of, in the Netherlands and Germany, they have a scheme called ORIENTATION YEAR (ZOEKJAAR in Dutch), where all graduates are given the chance to find a job without any restriction such as working permit or salary-age restriction (like in Highly skilled migrant policy) and are considered like Dutch & German when finding a job (without complicated process) for 1 year after graduation date.

I have search through the internet & could not find such ORIENTATION YEAR policy in Spain, but instead I found something also quite interesting called ARRAIGO SOCIAL here

In this case I would like to know if I studied in Spain for at least 3 years & receive a job offer, would I be able to apply for ARRAIGO, and what are the requirements.

From Spainexpat it says:
To be eligible to apply for arraigo social, you must:
1. Have lived in Spain for a minimum of three years.
2. Not have a criminal record in your home country, in Spain, nor in the country you lived in prior to residing in Spain.
3. Have a job in Spain with a legal work contract OR sufficient economic resources.

How can I apply
4. A work contract (signed by you and your employer) with a duration of at least one year from the date of your arraigo application OR proof that you are able to financially support yourself. This might include recent bank, investment or pension statements
5. Documentation attesting to your family ties with other legal resident foreigners (spouse, parents, and/or children only) OR a social integration report issued by your local town hall (ayuntamiento). If you need the social integration report, you should be prepared to do this first. You will meet with a social worker and be asked to provide proof of your financial situation and social ties in the community (for example, local organizations you are a member of) to one or more interviews. Based on the social worker’s findings, the local authorities will issue you a social integration report. It will recommend you as a favorable or an unfavorable candidate.

1.Would studying for 3 years count as have lived in Spain for a minimum 3 years?
2.Regarding no.3 will internship count as have a job with legal contract?
3.When I graduate, and would like to find a job experience, do I have to follow the highly skilled migrant policy or normal work contract as long it is minimum salary?
The thing is I am afraid that to have legal work contract means I have to find highly skilled migrant contract (I dont know if Spanish has that policy or not)
4.or Proof that I am able to financially support myself, how much would that be?
5. I am still not clear with no.5 above. Does that mean I have to have family or relative in Spain, or I need to join some organizations, or do I have to pass some exams (such as civic integration exam in the Netherlands)?