More info regarding modificatión from student permit to salaried permit
Posted: 10 February 2014 08:43 PM  
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Hi All,

Name is Ronald, Im 33 and I am non-EU passport holder, Indonesia to be precise, and I am in need of clarification or help as soon as possible as I would like to apply this month.

So, I am interested to take my master degree in Barcelona and would like to stay for work for few years in Spain or EU as experience before I go back to Indonesia.

When I was in NL for my bachelor degree, in NL they have something called Zoekjaar, which basically is an Orientation years scheme for new graduates to find job without any restriction for 1 year after graduation date and can be renewed as long as you work for the same company.

Now, I am looking for something similar like that but unfortunately I cannot find anything.

Then someone told me about Arraigo social, but it turns out from another forum (sadly my other 2 topics regarding Arraigo & Orientation year have no response yet) that there might be better solution for students (so I heard) called modificatión from student permit into salaried permit.

I think this is the official government website

unfortunately I do not speak Spanish yet (but I will definitely take some courses in Barcelona) and when I tried to google translate it, it doesn’t give much info.

I was wondering if someone on this forum can help me a bit or at least confirm it

Basically this is what I would like to know more:
1. From another forum someone told me when I graduate I can change my student permit into salaried permit as long as I work according to my study background

2. To change from student permit into salaried permit, do I have to study for certain period (someone told me 3 years) or it doesn’t matter as long as graduated (in my case usually master take only 1-2 years)?

3. To change from student permit into salaried permit, I need to have job offer or contract right?
Now the question is: do I have to have normal job offer or it has to follow some scheme (such as highly skilled migrant scheme where the job must be first offered to Spanish nationals and then to EU nationals, when no one qualified then I can take it. Or the one where for under 30 years of age the salary must be €30.000/year gross & for over 30 it must be €50.000/year gross)?

4. Sometimes this thing happens, where a company willing to hire you as long as you have working permit, but to have working permit you have to have job contract. My question is: is it possible to apply for modification to salaried permit without job offer and then find the job after I got the permit, or how do you say it to the company that I can have work permit after you offered me the contract?

5. How long will the salaried permit valid?

6. For example if I have salaried permit and work for lets say inditex, and then I decided to move, will the working permit still valid or 1 working permit for 1 employer?

7. If it is still valid (no.6), does that mean I can also freely find a job in other EU countries without anymore restrictions?

Thank you so much in advance

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Ok, so apparently no one knows about this or do not bother to reply.

In that case I am replying this myself based on the reply I got from another forum

1. Yes you can change student permit into salaried permit after studying at least 3 years in Spain and finished the study via modification

2. Must have the job offer ready for minimum 1 year contract before applying for modification

3. There are no specific requirements for the job offer, meaning any job will do (but preferably accordingly to study background) & do not have to follow highly skilled migrant scheme

4. Does not have to be able to speak Spanish, but definitely being able to speak Spanish is a big plus

5. The salaried permit only applies to Spanish territory but might be easier to apply for permit in other EU countries if you are holding this

6. With salaried permit, you can bring relatives to Spain

7. The permit valid for 1 year, then renewable for 2 years and another 2 years; afterwards you can apply for long-stay residence permit & 10 years for citizenship