The Ten ways to access public Healthcare in Spain (in order of priority):
Posted: 20 February 2014 08:47 AM  
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1.  Working in Spain
2.  Be in receipt of a Spanish state pension or benefit
3.  Previously having worked in Spain and claiming or claimed unemployment benefits
4.  Be in receipt of a UK state pension
5.  Be in receipt of a UK Sickness Benefit
6.  Work as a Posted worker to Spain
7.  As an Early Retiree (depending on recent National Insurance Contributions)
8.  Dependent on one of the above
9.  Registered as resident in Spain before 24.04.2012
10.  Joining the Convenio Especial Scheme

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11. Work in Gibraltar and apply to Spanish health care system as a frontier worker using S1 form


I live Spain, work in Gib and send money home almost for free