Opening a Cafe Bar Restaurant 2014
Posted: 04 April 2014 11:27 AM  
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Hi everyone I’m after some serious help. I am opening a Cafe Bar Restaurant in the Costa Blanca region of Spain(Los Montesinos area) but I need help on how to contact brewaries for supplying the beers and also installing the beer pumps. If anyone can advise on this matter or any other useful info for setting up my new bar I would really appreciate it. I have heard that brewaries/coffee suppliers will offer equipment etc if you use them to supply your products. Any help is really appreciated. I have 15 years experience in the UK in running pubs and clubs so that side of things wont be a problem. Its the initial setting up that Im struggling with as I dont know where to turn or who to ask and its starting to become frustrating. Thanks

Posted: 04 April 2014 03:28 PM  
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Have you considered connecting with a bar owner somewhere outside of your competitive zone?


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