Posted: 09 May 2014 11:41 AM  
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Hi everyone! I need some advice. I was just turned down for my Student Visa Application. By the way, I applied for Student Visa “Under INTERNSHIP PROGRAM ONLY” I will be having my internship in a Hotel.

The denial letter states “in accordance with Art. 38.1.a).2 º. del Real Decreto 557/2011, which stipulates that the applicant has to have economic means to cover all expenses that will be incurred for the studies and stay in Spain, as well as for his/her return to his/her country.” as the reason for my visa denial.

First of all, I applied for an “Internship Program Only” which is a pre requisite for the completion of my studies here in the Philippines so I don’t have to pay any tuition or academic fees. Second, I was offered by the Host Company noted on the “ACCEPTANCE LETTER” that they will shoulder my Accomodation, food and 100 EURO/month allowance which are the major factors of my expenses. Hence, we have provided evidences to justify these when I submitted my application. Furthermore, I have submitted my own bank account that has 1,000 EUROS monthly and with the help of my sponsor’s bank statements with around 4,000 EUROS monthly cost to be use for the rest of my expenses that has to be borne, namely my aunt, have submitted evidence of how my internship in Spain will be financed including her bank statements, ID’s and a notarized letter for guaranteed financial assistance. These genuine documents largely stand as evidence of my sponsor’s financial circumstances and commitments with a true reflection that these funds would be available.
During my interview, I was asked about my sponsor which is my aunt. I honestly answered that my parents wouldn’t be able to support me and that is why my aunt who have been married and living in the USA with no children will be there to help me out. She’s the one who sent me to school during my college and certificate course, sending me allowances and I’ve been considering her as my 2nd mom and my guardian . Our bank accounts currently holds sufficient funds as required by their policies.

I don’t know why they rejected my Visa. I need guidance on this! Also, how many weeks do I have to wait for the result? My internship will start on June 6. Hope someone can advice me I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you!