Obtaining visas for non EU nationals from Gibraltar
Posted: 05 September 2014 01:42 PM  
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Hi, or ¡Hola!

I am British, and I just started working in Gibraltar, accompanied by my Filipina wife and adopted daughter, who are here on UK Visas.

Too expensive here, rents higher than mortgage repayments, everything else way above London allowance prices - we want to live in southern Spain.

Spanish Consulate (London) advise that I should go to ....? (not sure where, she said it in Spanish - I think it might be the equivalent of Dept. of Internal Affairs, or Immigration, though I don’t think it was the latter, words would’ve sounded similar to English for “immigration”) in Spain and take my wife and daughter’s passports, etc.

If they can’t help, advised would have to go back to London and then wait the normal eternity for processing our applications.

So, does anyone know the right dept to go to in Spain, and where their nearest office to the Gibraltar border is?