The maximum stroke of the davison-machinery Clamshell Packaging Machine
Posted: 11 March 2017 05:53 AM  
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1. Adjust the sound selection screw, the amplitude of the pointer HF Welding Machine will swing around, but not that the size of the power output, but only that vibration system and vibration system resonance degree, indicating the smaller the scale value, then the better the degree of resonance.

2. Amplitude table in the no-load vibration, said the degree of resonance, load vibration, said the output energy.

3. Be sure to do sound wave detection before welding to ensure the resonance between the vibration system and the vibration system.

4. After replacing the welding mold, be sure to do the sound wave detection program.

5. When adjusting, if the overload indicator light is lit, immediately release the sound test button, after about 1 second, then turn the sonic adjustment screw for sound wave selection adjustment.

6. The correct tuning is very important, if you can not adjust to the normal state, can not meet the requirements of the sound wave detection program 5, please repair, can not be reluctant to use, so as not to expand the fault.

7. Working pressure can not exceed 5kg / cm.

8. Calibration program: In order to achieve the maximum energy of the machine, the distance between the Clamshell Packaging Machine and the workpiece should be shortened, but still have the necessary distance to the workpiece to be placed and removed. The maximum stroke of the lift is 75mm, so the workpiece will not be touched until the welding is on the maximum stroke before the calibration is performed. A) Place the selector switch in the manual position, adjust the pressure adjustment knob, let the pressure gauge indicate about 0.2Mpa (the minimum pressure that can raise the welding head)