Do I qualify for Spanish citizenship?
Posted: 13 March 2017 01:59 AM  
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I am trying to understand if I could qualify for Spanish citizenship by option, or if I would have a residency requirement.  My father and grandmother immigrated from Spain to the United States around 1955 (after my grandmother married someone from US military).  My father was 10 when he immigrated.  He married, and I was born, while my father still held his green card.  My father became a U.S. citizen when I was about 20.  I am now 40.  I have been trying to research and it seems I have missed the window of time when I could have gotten dual citizenship by option.  Is that accurate?  Does anyone know what my options are now as far as citizenship or residency in Spain?  I am not ready to move to Spain at this time, but am wondering if there is a way to get citizenship established now, or if I am now subject to a 1 year residency requirement.  Thank you in advance for any help!