Elsword Color Eggs: Beat Your Fears in the Spooky Graveyard Event -Gold.raiditem
Posted: 14 November 2017 12:02 PM  
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Hay, we;s like to talk something funny about your Elsword. Recently, there has been a new playing style awaiting you. Players collect Rusty Cemetery Keys throughout the game world that are used to Elsword ED open the gates.

While there, players work their way through zombies, mummies and ghosts on the way to find and defeat the vengeful hedgehog ghost creating havoc. Doing so rewards Ghost’s Trace that can be exchanged for prizes.

The mostly ghostly and ghouls are hosting…
A boneyard blitz, a who’s who of events,
A special place where the dead come to life, but only one is possessed by the night
It will be that he who’s key that drops… the dead back into their dirt-nap box
May your strike be true, you only get one,
A hex and be charmed! We hope you have fun!

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