Trading Laws in Spain
Posted: 14 January 2018 02:03 PM  
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We recently purchased a sofa and mattress from a furnishings shop in Spain.  The goods arrived and the mattress was fine, brand new and wrapped.  However, the recliner sofa we purchased is not new in so far as they have delivered the display sofa.  This obviously has been used many times by customers, both trying it for comfort and using the electric motors to demonstrate the two reclining seating options.  We did not request a used display model and paid full ticket price with no offer on it as a display model.  Is this normal trading in Spain? We thought we would be getting a brand new one not the used display model although it has to be said that appearance is ok and not marked. It is the usage which concerns us, especially as it is a popular furnishings store so will have had plenty of use of the reclining motors and the upholstery padding etc.

I don’t want to go into the store and complain only to be told that this is normal in Spain.  Can anyone advise please.  The Store is a very nice expensive shop and sells no second hand/used furniture at all. Any advice guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. K

Posted: 08 February 2018 06:16 PM  
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hmmm it is better to go to the shop and talk to them, maybe everything easier than you think


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Posted: 19 April 2018 12:04 AM  
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Sometimes the obvious seems so hard to carry out and even to admit. I am not sure why though.  I happen to agree that try speaking up with the store as the first point of action you may be surprised.