5 Things I Never Leave Home Without
Posted: 14 April 2018 08:19 AM  
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5 Things I Never Leave Home Without
When Judah was first born, I felt like I carried a smaller version of his nursery with me everywhere I went. What can I say: I was a new mom, and I wanted to make sure I remembered everything. As Judah has gotten older, I realized there are lots of different diaper bag styles: not just in a fashion sense, but in what assortment of essentials I needed for him in any given setting.Now that Judah is almost 2 years old, I’ve got it down pat to just five essentials that I make sure I never leave home without, so I know we’re ready for just about anything, no matter where we’re going.$4.99CARS Take & Toss Sippy Cup 3-Pack from The First YearsSippy CupWhile we’re still working on teaching Judah how to drink from an open-topped cup, we know that he can use a sippy cup like a champ. His favorite cups are his CARS Take and Toss Sippy Cups. They’re easy to toss in a diaper bag or purse, or to place in a cup holder in the car. They’re easy to rinse out for repeated use during the day so that Judah will always have a comfortable, familiar cup for him from which to drink.AdvertisementA BookJudah loves books. We’re pretty sure books are actually his favorite toy right now. Whether it’s a board book like his favorite it’s a small world book, Hello World, or a picture or story book, they provide a great distraction for things like grocery store lines, traffic, or waiting for food to arrive at restaurants. I don’t haul along the big,baby care, oversized children’s books: just the small ones that I can tuck into my purse or diaper bag.variesHUGGIES® Natural Care WipesCrayonsAs much as Judah loves his books, he loves crayons even more. Even though most kid-friendly restaurants often have crayons for little ones to color with, I find that it’s not a bad idea to have a small backup set of our own. I joke now that my coat pockets always have at least a handful of crayons stuffed in them at any given time. A small notepad is a good idea too, to give Judah something to color on,baby toys, but most times I have some scrap paper in my wallet or purse he can use.Baby WipesI feel like I can be prepared for just about anything so long as I’ve got a trusty pack of baby wipes handy! We like the Natural Care Wipes from HUGGIES: they’re lightly scented and are great for everything from wiping hands and face (Judah’s or my own!) to cleaning up spills or messes on the go.A DiaperThat’s right: just one diaper! Now that Judah’s a lot older, I don’t need to carry a million diapers with me at once. It’s rare that I have to change him while we’re out – most times I try to make sure we have a fresh diaper before we leave. But just in case, it helps to have at least one diaper handy in the event of an unexpected (and stinky) surprise. A single HUGGIES Little Movers Slip-On diaper is perfect for our active toddler on the go!What are your “never leave home without” essentials?