Dungeoneering Service
Posted: 04 May 2018 01:47 PM  
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I am offering a dungeoneering leeching service to anyone not interested in completing dungeoneering themselves. I have been training dungeoneering since release on multiple accounts, and I am available to help the community reach their goals. I am available nearly everyday , around 2300-0400 server time. I am a maxed RS3 player based in the EST time zone in the US, and I do most of my playtime on w6. If you are interested in joining me to reach the best xp/hr, or the most afk experience, just give me a shout in game “Stats4Fun”. I tailor my service around the buyers unlike the bigger chats, including spending time teaching the buyers how to train dungeoneering if they need help during or after using my service. I currently run solo mediums for 6 minutes on averages, and lead teams through larges for around 7-11 minutes per floor, depending on the team.

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