Are online resume-writing services really that good???
Posted: 22 May 2018 10:36 AM  
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I’ve recently read this blog about tips for writing an effective resume and while I found it very helpful, there’s one tip I didn’t see, but is something that’s often recommended by experts in job forums. I’m talking about hiring a professional resume-writer to create your resume / cover letter.

I’m a little skeptical about this myself since I’ve never used this service before but a friend suggested I give it a try. While I’m confident about my current resume, I feel as if there’s something lacking. And yes, I’d actually like to ask for some tips and advice, and maybe even some resume-writing company recommendations? Can I really rely on their services? What are the pros and cons, and the price range for these services?

These are said to be the top CV services according to Resumance. I’d like to know your insights on the companies they labeled as the “best resume writing services”. ”