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Do you know, in the men court they also wore a floral garland. We perceive that garland could be an accessory for Thai lady, but somehow, people applied the use of garland to a men in the past. The Lady Prayuravongse, consort of the King Rama V, had invented a kind of floral garland for a men in the men court to be wore across the body. We called it “MalaiKrui” or “MailaiTua”, representing a rare type of Thai garland that is about to be disappeared from our beautiful nation.
As mentioned above, the inventor, The Lady Prayuravongse, consort of the King Rama V, had invented a kind of floral garland for a men in the men court to wear and to use as a personable sash for a formal uniform. The characteristic of MalaiKrui is a long arrayed petals tied together to make a very big-rounded garland. Also it must have little bouquets hanged around MalaiKrui. On another word, MalaiKrui is adapted from a normal garland, making it big enough to wear across the body. The element of one MalaiKrui is consisted of (1) the body part, commonly made up by using jasmine, gardenia, orange jasmine leafs, or rose petals, stringing together to make a color pattern or a beautiful layer of petals, (2) the little bouquet, a part that hanged down from body part which normally made of crown flower and/or globe amaranth, and (3) a half portion of garland, a semicircle garland, use to tie around the joint between each little bouquet and the main body of MalaiKrui.

As time goes by, there is little chance for new generation to see due to the difficulty of this type of garland making process. The florists must be professional and fast enough to hold the freshness of petals that they are using for MalaiKrui, hence they are normally more than one or two florists who are working on the same MalaiKrui. There are also flower arrangement Bangkok
and Thai flower arrangement Bangkok techniques of our ancestors which we have to remind ourselves during the time we string a Thai garland that; we must at least be neat, meticulous, gentle, and attentive while we string the garland. Therefore, to estimate the proportion of petals use for MalaiKruiseems to be one of an important thing as it could affect the petal’s freshness and the beauty of the outcome.
These are just a piece of all information we offered for our students. We intend to open a florist school where it focuses not only a general knowledge of know-how but sharpen our personnel and student for a deeper understanding of something we teach here because we believe that when we really understand in what we do, the worth of result is always double accrued on both mentality and its appearance impacts.And in order to support the comprehensive and thorough understanding of the specific career, we will suggest a desirable study in a trustworthy institution shall be in your consideration.
Hence, “Bu-ngasari Florist School” is established, aims to teaching flower technique Bangkok to the students who would like to study flower arrangement Bangkok and study Thai flower arrangement Bangkokinstructed by the direct experienced instructors of our school. Our school is located at SoiWachirathumsathit 63 or Sukhumwit 101/1. You are welcome for more information at or call +6664 024 9596.

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Hello! Very interesting topic, thank you raised it.