Living in Spain for a canadian
Posted: 20 June 2018 12:06 PM  
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I plan to move in Spain (probably Malaga) in a few years, and I wanted to know if the work opportunities are quiet good ( Im actually studying in Communication and Marketing in University) and if anyone has some tips or advices for a canadian wanting to live in the beautiful Espana ! I know I don’t have a clear or specific question but it would still be nice if someone can bring some important points about life in Spain, and what I need to absolutely know before leaving ( the health system, work opportunities, renting ect.. )

Please help

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Posted: 21 November 2018 06:55 AM  
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It’s a great idea to move in the most beautiful country, you’ll surely love the culture and environment of Spain. Don’t know much about it but you might be quickly settle down. Wishing you a great journey and hope for the best…!


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