Virtual Reality idea in the education field!
Posted: 08 August 2018 09:29 AM  
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Good Morning.

My name is Peggy Satchels, and I am entirely a beginner in posting queries online as well as in the field that I have an idea in.  I want to include virtual reality in schools, colleges, etc. I need help since I have no knowledge of computer science and a learner.

Can anybody just tell me if I need a professional virtual reality app development company or is it feasible to learn this by myself? My idea is to convert all the stuff written on a blackboard into an interactive student experience in the form of visual learning and understanding.  Am I making any sense? I will appreciate if anyone reads this and guide me accordingly.

Thank you.

Posted: 08 August 2018 03:38 PM  
Just Landed
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Implementing high-tech to an education is definitely a good thing but some students don’t even know how to use existing technologies to save time. I am studying at a University now and a lot of my friends there don’t know a thing about and for me this service is a Holy Grail.