Poker in Spain
Posted: 17 October 2007 12:56 PM  
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I am not sure if this is the correct section but I was wondering if poker rooms existed in Spain (more specifically in Madrid). I am most interested in Texas No-Limit Hold ‘em poker and with the recent popularity of the game, I was hoping that it had made its way to Madrid. I love poker and it would be nice to be able to play it from time to time. I was also wondering if Casino’s had poker rooms?

Posted: 17 October 2007 05:56 PM  
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You know, every time I go near a casino my girlfriend gets pissed off, so I haven’t had the chance to check one out very thoroughly yet.

There are no doubt casinos (bingos?) so do check it out, ask around (hope your Spanish is good) and let me know too.


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Posted: 06 November 2007 05:31 PM  
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Post your question on The Hendon Mob forum .. link below.
I enjoy playing Hold’em tournaments around the London area and read THM forum.
There are lots of questions like yours regarding Poker being played around Spain and europe and you will get plenty of info of this type from the other members.

Posted: 20 March 2009 03:33 AM  
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I was looking for a Poker Room inside Madrid.
I think the closest thing I found is Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones.
Let me know if you find some places inside Madrid.



Posted: 31 May 2018 11:24 AM  
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Recently I’ve started to play a fighting game that is called Brute arena. You can learn more about it here. My question is the following - how can I improve my gaming skills to win more battles in PVP? I’m asking because your gear and loot are not the only crucial things to achieve success in this game…so, I want to learn about your personal tips and tricks.

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When I was 30yo, I really loved playing poker but now this game is too tedious for me so I prefer Musically Slots and games like that.

Posted: 21 July 2018 07:41 PM  
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