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Posted: 16 September 2006 12:27 AM  
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We are holidaying with a friend in Aspe next week and as I work in IT I have been asked to look at our friend’s Internet connection.  Apparently she has a Telefonica Satellite connection which was supplied with 3 phone numbers, for phone, fax and Internet and an Acer 56 Surf modem.  The problem she has is that she cannot use the phone line whilst using the Internet.
She believes that the man who installed it for her has incorrectly set it up, as her Internet connection has been setup on the first number ie the phone number, rather than the last number.

Presumably this is a dial-up connection and it’s just a case of changing the phone number in the settings in the Internet Connection dial-up settings.  Having no experience of Satellite connections I don’t want to disrupt her working Internet connection.


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Sounds like she has the modem plugged into the wrong outlet. Each phone line should have its own outlet if I understand correctly. Otherwise yeah, she’ll only be able to use one thing at a time. Perhaps she needs Telefonica to come in and set it up this way.

Or you can always call Telefonica at 1004, say “English!” when it prompts you in Spanish and it should connect you to someone who speaks English.

Good luck!


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